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Top Dem Nadler, Obsessed with Impeachment, Repeats False Claim Debunked by Mueller Himself

Democratic New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler is going crazy in his attempt to throw President Donald Trump out of office.
The House Judiciary Committee chairman is so enamored with the prospect of undoing the 2016 election that he is willing to repeat false interpretations of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report just to get it done.
Fox News reported that during the Democratic press conference about Mueller’s testimony, Nadler claimed that the only reason Trump was not indicted was that he was a sitting president. Nadler even referenced a specific exchange between Mueller and Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu.
“He told us in a remarkable exchange with Mr. Lieu that but for the Department of Justice policy prohibiting [him] from doing so, he would have indicted President Trump,” Nadler said.
Nadler seems to forget that Mueller himself went out of his way to debunk the claim after Democrats began treating it as the Holy Grail of Impeachment.
In the exchange, Lieu asked Mueller to clarify his decision not to indict Trump, asking, “the reason that you did not indict the president is because of the OLC opinion that you cannot indict a sitting president, correct?”
“Correct,” Mueller responded.
That was the bombshell that Democrats were looking for in an otherwise dreary set of hearings.
Unfortunately for the left, it was simply too good to be true. Mere hours later, Mueller took it upon himself to clarify his response.
Mueller adding a correction to his testimony this morning...

"I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu who said, and I quote, 'you didn’t charge the president because of the OLC opinion.' That is not the correct way to say it."
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“I want to add one correction to my testimony this morning,” Mueller said before beginning his second hearing. “I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu, who said and I quote, ‘You didn’t charge the president because of the OLC opinion.’ That is not the correct way to say it. As we say in the report and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime.”

And so dies the leftist narrative, or so we thought.
Perhaps it’s no surprise that Nadler tried to dig this “gotcha moment” out of the grave. The Democrats and media are getting desperate, as their recent spin cycle shows.
The Office of Legal Counsel opinion that Lieu referenced is important. It is relevant to know whether or not a sitting president can be indicted.
Regardless, the Democrats are working this issue backwards. They’re spending so much time worrying if Trump can be charged without first considering whether he should be.
According to the Mueller report, the answer might just be “no” on both counts.
Mueller’s gossipy report may not make the president look like a saint, but it’s clear, according to the Democrats’ rock star witness himself, that he could not come to the conclusion that Trump committed any crime.
This fact hasn’t deterred impeachment hawks like Nadler, though. They’ve dug this hole so deep that they’re willing to take a political hit to accomplish their goal.
If impeachment is in the cards, then the left might as well bring it. We’ll see what happens when the Senate acquits and the American people take to the ballot box in 2020.


  1. This is nothing more than literally desperation on the cusp of madness on the part of the dim Dems. It is all they have in the face of what they know is shortly coming their way. DC/Lex Gnosticos

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  3. Seriously volken isn't there something that can be done to call out the Middle School antics of Nadler? I mean on a clown level he is hilarious but he has gone so far beyond your basic clownery. Jerrold bend over there's a foot long poor boy of justice with a hundred car freight train directly behind it coming up fast on your rear. Yes it is going to leave a mark.