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‘Ugly and MEAN spirited’: Baltimore Repub Kimberly Klacik calls CNN and Brian Stelter OUT for his fake-news filled segment on her

Republican Kimberly Klacik understandably has a serious beef with Brian Stelter and CNN. Seems our favorite Hall Monitor took it upon himself to ‘fill in the blanks’ on Klacik because she did not get back to him about questions he emailed her.
Remember, this IS CNN.
Dear @CNN watchers,@brianstelter's segment about me was completely fake news. I won my election, I currently serve in Baltimore County. Also, I have worked on 2 campaigns. I guess since I didn't respond to his emailed questions he filled in the answers himself.

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A simple Google would have told Brian all of this but we digress.
Kimberly continued.
If you sent a media request, pls know I'm not being a jerk. I appreciate the chance to say more. However, most requests are to discuss the President's tweets. They were NOT racist, nor does a chat about them help my friends in West Baltimore. Thanks for reaching out 💕

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Wait, an elected official who thinks her constituents are more important than answering for the president?! GET OUTTA TOWN.
Refreshing to say the least.

CNN’s Brian Stelter attacks @KimKBaltimore for her videos:

-Looks up all her media hits but repeatedly pronounces her name wrong

-Falsely claims she lost a local county race

-Suggests her content had “clearly racist connotations”

-Complains Trump watches Fox and not his show

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Stay classy, Brian.
Imagine if someone on Fox behaved this way about a Democratic black woman? All we’d hear about is how RACIST IT WAS.
Reminder of what happens when you repeatedly call out Stelter’s lies, gaslighting, and propaganda
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Real racism is attacking individuals for voting their beliefs regardless of skin color. Real sexism is expecting women to all vote one way because of their gender. Individuals have every right to vote their conscience without harassment or misrepresentation.
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Wouldn’t count on it.
I mean....wow

I’m not entirely sure why @brianstelter felt the need to denigrate @kimKBaltimore

It was a gratuitous & unnecessary inclusion unrelated to the segment’s core message.

But hey...I guess “singling out” a black woman is TOTALLY fine if you hate her politics https://twitter.com/brianstelter/status/1155516606094761985 
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I called her an "up and coming conservative commentator" who sparked a national news story. I sought comment beforehand. On Saturday I sent her a series of specific questions that she declined to answer.
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But she didn’t respond, Brian, which means you WAIT. It doesn’t mean you make up a bunch of crap about her because it suits you.
In my opinion it was ugly & mean spirited

IMO, your opinion on her previous work was unrelated to the central premise: Trump’s heavy reliance on a media feedback loop

And as someone who watches you & has applauded your calls for civility, I was disappointed you went there
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Of course, he went there. Framing her in a way that served his purpose and that’s what mattered to him, not the actual story.

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