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Watch: Found Pelosi Video Shows Her Being Massively Racist by Today’s Democrats’ Standards, Says She Doesn’t Want More Illegals

An old clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has surfaced online, and based on a lot of current Democratic rhetoric, it shows a very racist Pelosi. (For the record, I don’t think this was racist, but I’m not the one she has to convince.)
The 2008 clip shows Pelosi addressing reporters at a House speaker news conference.
The clip picks up as a reporter’s question ends and the California Democrat responds, “Securing the border is the first principle we all have when we talk about the immigration issue.”
That’s fine, mostly. Today’s more radical Democrats might criticize her for suggesting that we should even have a border, but that’s not as charged as a suggestion as what was soon to come out of Pelosi’s mouth.
After some rambling about being smart in the way we secure the border, Pelosi dropped what would be considered a racial nuke among Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and their “squad” hangers-on.
Pelosi said, “We need to address the challenge of immigration. … We certainly don’t want any more [illegals] coming in.”
Now to you, me and any other reasonable person, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what Pelosi said.
In fact, it sounds very similar to statements made by countless conservatives and even the most powerful Democrats of the last 30 years — Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
But today, with AOC and her ilk commanding the media’s attention, a statement like that could be instantly decried as racist.
Doubt me? Look at footage from confrontations between radical leftists and supporters of President Donald Trump. Trump supporters are blanketly labeled racists, yet all they want is enforcement of laws Congress passed.
Trump supporters appear to be extremely pro-immigrant but very anti-illegal alien. That nuance, however, doesn’t matter to radical leftists during confrontations. They will still paint the Trumpers as vile racists, filled with hate and barely checking their violent tendencies.
They charge racism against anyone who wants immigration laws enforced, which apparently, in 2008, included Nancy Pelosi.
So what to do with Pelosi and her would-be racist statements? 
First, we acknowledge that even a broken clock is right twice per day.
She’s right. We don’t want more illegals coming to the U.S. We want legal immigrants, not illegal aliens. Legal immigrants help build our economy, bring skills we might need and provide labor in areas we struggle to fill.
Illegals may provide cheap labor, but they also present security, health and safety risks, and they often bring innocent, vulnerable children along with them on the incredibly dangerous underground journey to enter the U.S. illegally.
Second, we play the clip nonstop, reminding the American people that in a scant 11 years, the Democratic Party has lost whatever remained of its mind.
Third, we do our best to force the left to have this fight among themselves. A divided left is good for America. As the fringe left becomes more extreme in its rhetoric and attempts to stamp out moderate Democrats, the American people will begin to see just how dangerous it is.
Finally, to Nancy Pelosi, let me say that I don’t think you’re a racist. But it’s not me you have to convince. It’s the people who’ve believed your rhetoric and taken it to the next level. And they’re not nearly as reasonable or forgiving as I am.
You made this bed, now you have to sleep in it. Sweet dreams.

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