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Watch: Giggling Panelist Demonstrates Suction Abortion on Stage as Audience Applauds

The left used to speak of abortion in somber tones.
President Bill Clinton claimed Democrats wanted abortions to be “safe, legal and rare.”
I didn’t believe him.
And I was right not to.
The left doesn’t just want the rare abortion in cases of incest and rape: they now promote #ShoutYourAbortion campaigns where women can brag about the day they extinguished a human life.
The left’s nothing-is-sacred attitude toward abortion gave rise to comedy troupes like “Lady Part Justice League” — a comedy act whose sole gag is making jokes about killing babies. The Lady Part Justice League recently changed its name to “AbortionAF,” a pop culture acronym for “abortion as f—.”
So much for the serious concern from the Democrats of the 1990s.
You may be wondering if the words you are reading are just that — words. “Maybe this is just the sensational rhetoric of an aggrieved cultural observer,” you may be thinking.
Then I invite you to watch a video below.
The clip is footage from a panel at the 2019 Netroots Nation, a progressive conference held last week in Philadelphia.
In the sickening video, you can see the panel’s moderator holding a microphone to the mouth of a speaker as the speaker performs a demonstrative abortion on a watermelon.
“So this would go through the cervix and into the uterus,” says the speaker. “And then we create suction to remove pregnancy tissue.”
I think she meant to say “this is how to suck body parts through a straw so violently the baby dies.”
The disgusting presentation continues with the speaker recognizing the reality of what she is doing without any of the gravity of its morbidness.
The most heartbreaking portion is what follows.
The speaker extends her hand as if she’s holding something in it and utters these words: “This is what we would use for about an 8-week pregnancy, and you get a wee little…”
And she pauses.
She looks in her empty hand that signifies the remains of a baby corpse and then around the room.
And then she smiles, giggles and says “a watermelon fetus.”
“And that’s literally the whole shebang,” she concludes.
“Thank you for watching our abortion.”

A panel moderated by @lizzwinstead at Netroots Nation demonstrates terminating an early pregnancy with a watermelon.
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At that point in the video, another panelist says that the demonstration shows that abortions are “easy to do” and “safe.”
The audience immediately erupts into applause at the idea of the murderous technique being put into action across the country, ending the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies.
Abortion makes a mockery of the most precious gift — the gift of life. The disingenuous argument comparing the murder of unborn children to Trump’s family separation policy or to neglected children who live around us is a sad reminder that we have forgotten a simple truth.
God is our creator. Life is not ours to take.
There are issues with which the left and right can agree to disagree, but the barbaric issue of abortion should not be one of them.

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  1. Watermelon abortions are nothing like the real thing.... this demonstration is FALSE and gives women a false sense of security.