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White privilege WHAT?! Nobody blue-check ‘cult actor’ just gets REKT over tweet shaming white people about immigration

This tweet from ‘cult-actor’ Dave Vescio about white privilege and immigration is one of the silliest tweets we’ve written about in a long time, and keep in mind, we regularly cover AOC and Eric Swalwell.
Take a gander.
Dear White People, It takes a lot of white privilege balls to stand on this stolen and occupied continent and complain about immigration.

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Dear Dave,
This is a weird tweet. And what exactly are ‘white privilege balls’? Asking for a friend.
Dude, what the heck? EL OH EL
C’mon guys, don’t you remember when that one group of people politely asked that other group of people if they could have their land and they were like, ‘Oh sure, totally. It’s all yours. Don’t forget to try the veal.’
And weird.
Don’t forget weird.
What is the purpose of this crap, other than to get high-fives from other lunatic leftists? You sure as hell aren't convincing anyone.

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Dear Dumbass, it takes a a helluva lot of ignorance to actually believe that our immigration laws don’t help protect our country.

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And yet he managed.
We have NO idea. Heh.
Which is just a fancy way to say, ‘out of work actor’.
Yeah, that was mean, but this editor is cranky this morning.
You can get off this stolen continent at any time, we won’t miss you.

Hey who are you anyway?
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Seeing a theme here, Dave.
Shouldn’t you be leaving the land you stole then?

Be the change you want to see in the world.
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*shakes angry fist*
Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.
Dear White Liberals, it takes a lot of white liberal privilege balls to keep declaring this land stolen as a talking point for you to be entirely in charge of it.
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How was it stolen? I remember Americans kicking butt on a lot of battlefields. I think the word you’re looking for is WON.
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It takes even more balls to come from an occupied continent (South +Central America) and expect another country to feed, shelter and accept you in defiance to their laws.
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By your own reasoning, you should be moving to Europe. I won’t ask you to do that even though I’m Native American, but I will insist on building a wall to keep more people from illegally entering our country.
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Shhh … the blue-check actor nobody has ever heard of before is virtue-signaling.


  1. Dear Dave:
    Talk about White Privilege, leave your apt. or house, and go live in the Projects.
    Leave all everything and go live in Africa.

  2. Dear Dave:

    The difference between White People and the ILLEGALS, is that Whites worked they butt off to work the land, and harvest, and invent all the goodies here now, and the ILLEGALS want to parasite off, and get everything free, while they laze around.
    Those that do work, bet the full amount of monies, without paying into the tax System, plus sent out BILLIONS back to their Home country. They have no loyalty for these United States.

  3. This is "White Privilege" ??

  4. Being white isn't a privilege, it's a blessing.