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Woke AF: David Hogg weighs in on Trump tweet controversy with a swipe at ‘rich people’ (and manages to insult the poor)

You know, we’d been thinking to ourselves that what this Donald-Trump-racist-and-or-xenophobic-tweet discussion really needed was David Hogg’s trademark insight. Lucky for us, Hogg was apparently thinking the same thing:
For hundreds of years rich people have used racism and xenophobia to convince poor people that rich people are not the problem.

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That’s some airtight, Harvard-quality logic right there.

David Hogg is definitely problematic. Not only for painting all “rich people” as greedy and manipulative, but for suggesting that “poor people” are too stupid to realize they’re victims of the alleged greed and manipulation.
I don’t like this. Im not rich by any stretch but to assume every rich person is bad and every poor person is dumb to fall for rich people’s games is ludicrous. Sure there are bad rich people. There’s bad teachers. Bad cops. Bad doctors etc. Don’t assume every rich person is evil
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David will assume whatever he needs to in order to stay as woke as possible.
People like you are the problem. In a free market people get rich by making other people's lives better. The only solution to poverty involves people getting rich. The biggest barrier to people climbing out of poverty is government, and people like you who support bad policy.
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For hundreds of years, Marxism has tried to convince us rich people are to blame for personal problems.
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How many years will David spend trying to convince us that he’s worth taking seriously?
I think this guy just googles “most common left-wing talking points” once a day and then tweets about it.
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  1. Just WHO THE HELL IS Mr. Hogg? And why should ANYONE listen to or read what he says about ANYTHING?

  2. Big Brother's Little Brother..

  3. uh oh, dragging out lil hogg? how long til they drag out ASSange again?