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Ain’t THAT convenient: Andy Ngo’s thread points out something VERY telling about certain accounts the Dayton gunman ‘amplified’

If anyone knows the awful that IS Antifa it’s Andy Ngo since he has been harassed and outright assaulted by the group. Ngo noticed something interesting about the various accounts the Dayton guman ‘amplified’ in his social media …
I’ve learnt from extremism writers that it may be helpful to look at what kind of messages terrorists promote on social media. Dayton mass killer amplified the content of @antifaintl, @AntiFashGordon, @saeen90_, @grimkim, @jaredlholt, @EmilyGorcenski, @drmistercody, @elivalley.

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Right? Since the moment El Paso happened, our good friends on the Left have basically blamed everyone other than the gunman for the shooting. Especially the president. But you know, it’s different with the Dayton gunman because he didn’t write a manifesto.
Or something.
The thing is if you look through his social media and the things he was sharing and promoting, he did kind of leave one behind. Well, at least according to the Left’s new rules.

Whoda thunk it?
We’re shocked we tell you, SHOCKED.
I reached out to media ethics watcher @jaredlholt about why he was stealth deleting content the Dayton mass killer had promoted of his. Holt did not respond. @EmilyGorcenski cursed me out in a message.
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How rude.
Now, why oh why do you think she would have cursed Ngo out?
And stealth deleting content? If they really believe the Dayton gunman’s motives were not inspired by his politics why would they do that?
Yikes, right?

Dayton shooter sure read a lot of Leftist extremists … huh.

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