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‘Always going for the instant HIGH’: Thread detailing how Dems have (once again) overplayed their gun-grabber hand is EPIC

As usual, Democrats tripped all over themselves to exploit the victims of two separate shootings over the weekend to push their agenda and play political games. And once again it appears they’ve overplayed their hand at least with regard to one gunman.
And now all of a sudden none of them want to talk about the victims in Ohio.
Wonder why that is?
Breitbart’s John Hayward wrote a pretty spectacular thread on the entire situation:
Democrats are going to polarize a huge number of people in Trump's direction by blaming one shooter on him while shrieking that the other's politics are completely irrelevant. Their media no longer has the level of control over information needed to make that work.

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Dems can never just wait before politicizing a crisis, and it’s hurting them, more and more.
Even without the second shooter, Dems would have struggled to memory-hole the inconvenient parts of the first shooter's ideology, and they once again underestimated how repulsed most people are by the totalitarian politicization of hideous crimes.

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We’re not seeing anyone who isn’t absolutely disgusted with the El Paso gunman; Trump himself tweeted about gun control this morning.

The Left always goes for the sugar rush, the instant high of online swarming and righteous pontificating, the unleashing of their wrath against the Americans they hate so very, very much. They never learn that the rush quickly fades as the tide of reason flows back in.

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‘Their wrath against the Americans they hate so very, very much.’
Damn, that’s spot on.
When people hear loud demands that they must submit and obey because they are somehow linked to murderous criminals, somehow responsible for their bloody lunacy, they correctly realize the people making those demands are a serious threat to their freedom.
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Ding ding ding.
The Democrats don't realize it yet, but every one of their candidates who instantly, reflexively, thoughtlessly tried blaming half of America for a mass murder over the weekend effectively ended their presidential campaign. None of them is remotely electable now.
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And that was basically all of them.
People will remember for a long time that these totalitarian Democrats instantly tried to exploit a horrible crime for political gain, and their instantaneous reflex was to treat everyone who disagrees with them as accomplices to murder.
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So gross.
People also tend to think the crowd that spent the last three years role-playing as "the Resistance," yelping about fighting "Nazis" by any means necessary, and pretending the president is a Russian spy, bears much responsibility for any atmosphere of tension that exists.
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We'll soon move into the aftermath where everyone realizes none of the policies heatedly demanded by Democrats would have made much difference to this weekend's horrors. The stain of their totalitarianism will remain long after their "momentum" fizzles. /end
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When you ask them which new gun-control law would have stopped these monsters they never have an answer except BAN ALL THE GUNS.

You’d think after a while they’d figure out it’s important to wait and let the facts come out before making huge fools of themselves over and over again. But if they did that we suppose they wouldn’t be Leftists.

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