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AOC’s swipe at Bret Stephens’ ‘bedbug’ tantrum would be a lot funnier if she weren’t a colossal hypocrite

Bret Stephens made an ass of himself by trying to get a George Washington University professor punished or fired for referring to him as a bedbug.
But that doesn’t mean some of Stephens’ critics can’t also make asses of themselves.
Case in point, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has a knack for self-righteously weighing in on stuff without even an ounce of self-awareness:

Imagine being on Twitter and having the worst thing you’re called in a given day is “bedbug.” My own friends roast me harder than that 😂

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You know, that might have actually been a solidly funny tweet if it hadn’t come from AOC.
Seriously. This is the same stunning and brave warrior princess who pitched a fit when GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy called her AOC. The same stunning and brave warrior princess who accused Ben Shapiro of “catcalling” her by inviting her to debate him. The same stunning and brave warrior princess who claps back at her critics by accusing them of trying to silence her.
We have no doubt that she’s been called much worse than “bedbug.” We’ve seen her called much worse than “bedbug.” But the idea that she’s some kind of tough-as-nails fierce kween is as laughable as anything she’s ever said.
Oh, and did we mention that she’s a hypocrite?
(For real though, it is pretty concerning that this guy abused his position to try to get someone fired over something so insignificant - esp after creating a career defending vile language as a sacred freedom & deriding people organizing for basic human dignity as “snowflakes.”)
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What has AOC spent her congressional career doing if not trying to get people punished (or possibly hurt or killed)? We find that pretty concerning.


  1. Who? (I had to look it up)
    Bret Stephens -- American journalist

    oh... I see pundit class problems

  2. AOC , the self promoting fool of the first magnitude shoudnt comment on anything for a while as her contradictions and flip-flops are still recent memory.