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As demonstrators fight for democracy around the world, The Daily Beast asks what Americans fight for

Daniel Miller sort of gives away the game in this tweet about his opinion piece for The Daily Beast, which reads, “Hongkongers are fighting for democracy. Will Americans?”
The piece is behind a paywall, so we’ll just have to answer The Daily Beast’s question … what do Americans fight for?
We won the bulk of that fight centuries ago...now we fight each other to maintain a democratic republic instead of the flavor of the day.

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We fight over who is most aggrieved, because victims are the new heroes in this declining society.

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To become like China. The American left is literally going to vote for either a communist or socialist in 2020. The people of Hong Kong agree that Dems have lost their way.
It's time to make Democrats great again!
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Half are fighting to leave our system the F**k alone. The other half are fighting for the collapse of capitalism and the adoption of socialism so that the latter can enslave the former with force.
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Pretty much.

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