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BUSTED: Rashida Tlaib’s letter to the Israeli Minister of the Interior proves she’s a liar and her entire plan was a disgusting political stunt

Anti-Semitic, BDS-supporting Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib has decided not to take Israel up on their offer to let her visit her dear old grandmother.
This woman right here is my sity. She deserves to live in peace & with human dignity. I am who I am because of her. The decision by Israel to bar her granddaughter, a U.S. Congresswoman, is a sign of weakness b/c the truth of what is happening to Palestinians is frightening.

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“Oppressive conditions.” By which she means not being allowed to advocate for Israel’s destruction while she’s in Israel. Oh, the humanity!
Meanwhile, her sity has to suffer, and it’s all Israel’s fault.
Except it’s not even remotely Israel’s fault. A lot of Tlaib and Ilhan Omar’s critics yesterday understandably suspected that their intent from the beginning was to be barred by Israel in order to make themselves the victims of the oppressive Israeli government. Suspicions were reinforced by the fact that the group sponsoring their visit has a well documented history of vicious anti-Semitism and the fact that they were set to meet with members of an organization with terrorist ties. But just in case that wasn’t enough to prove that Tlaib’s motives were anything but pure, take a look at the letter she wrote to the Israeli Minister of the Interior, dated yesterday:

The letter Rep. Rashida Tlaib sent to Israeli Interior Minister Ayreh Deri requesting a visit to her family in the West Bank, in which she promises to "respect any restrictions" and "not promote boycotts against Israel during my visit."

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Just once more, here’s the explanation she gave just this morning as to why she turned down Israel’s very generous offer:
She’s willing to forego what might be her last opportunity to see her 90-something-year-old grandmother because what’s the point of even going if she can’t trash Israel?
Rashida Tlaib wrote to the Israel Interior Ministry that it could be the last opportunity to see her grandmother.

Israel gave her permission to see her, and instead Tlaib backed out, putting politics ahead of family.
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Rashida Tlaib has given away her entire game.
Huge congrats to Rashida Tlaib, whose bigotry and unparalleled political skills have joined forces to explode her grievance narrative, shift the PR battle back into Israel’s favor & gratuitously shun her own grandmother👌
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Mission accomplished, Rashida. Just not the mission you were going for.


  1. This has little to do with "anti-semitism" and every thing to do with Ap*rtheid!

    Ap*rtheid murders christian children in the Holy Land & MADNESSHUB.com spins it to some politician changing their mind?

    Ap*rtheid is a WAR CRIME & apologists for WAR CRIMES are accomplices.

  2. But this is bringing to light the BDS movement to stop the Israeli horror.
    Israeli snipers are using exploding bullets to intentionally shoot children in Gaza.
    Millions of people who never heard of the BDS movement now know how to boycott these monsters.

  3. Amazing how hard everyone goes after someone who speaks out against Israel. Now do you see why EVERY OTHER POLITICIAN bends over to their owner, 'USrael'?

  4. what a load of BS. wtf should she visit when the intent by isn'treal was to ban her at first. she read their intent correctly and was smart to decide to forget it