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Chris Barron BUSTS CNN’s S.E. Cupp over her MAJOR flip-flop on gun control and the NRA

Chris Barron called out S.E. Cupp for her total flip-flop on guns and the NRA, reminding the CNN host how after the Parkland mass shooting she “attacked Trump for considering new gun control measures” and “sided with the NRA and said Trump wasn’t a conservative for considering gun control measures”:
She had tweeted earlier that the president was “willing to be bought”:
Trump’s caving to the NRA is predictable. For one, he’s willing to be bought. Two, he reads polls. Three, he doesn’t actually want a fight because he’s weak right now. Four, he’s not actually a leader of anything, he’s a follower. And five, he doesn’t care about issues. At all.

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But now? Now she’s “needs to be a human being about the issue, not partisan” and the “must have conversations about solutions”:
She means “solutions” that a little over a year ago she disagreed with:

She means solutions that in 2016 she rightfully pointed out are ineffective:
Wait, @timkaine, if we pass universal background checks we won't have shooting tragedies? I'll let fact checkers point out how dumb this is.
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She means solutions then-President Obama proposed but, again, won’t work:
Does this mean she’ll be for Joe Biden new proposed assault weapons ban?
During assault weapons ban Biden helped pass, there were 15 mass shootings, including Columbine, and no measurable reduction in gun crime.
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Because this is getting embarrassing for her:
Last year she even challenged Dems to talk about an assault weapons ban at the risk of losing their seats:
And as for the NRA, here she is using her child to promote the annual meeting:

And this:
And get yourself some of those Tactical Christmas Stockings!
And we’ll end it with this:

Tune-in to @NRA All-Access to find out why I support the Second Amendment.
The episode airs tonight at 10:30 EST. http://youtu.be/Uel_Uf1x1sI 
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