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CNN ‘Confused’ that Dayton Killer Backed Gun Control – Conservatives Weren’t at All

CNN might have been confused, but conservatives weren’t.
As part of the torrential coverage of the weekend’s shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, the network that has made attacking the Trump White House its reason for existence managed to give some attention to one aspect of the Dayton gunman’s past that didn’t fit neatly into the left-wing narrative of the day.
But CNN just couldn’t seem to make sense of it.
As many who’ve followed developments in the Dayton case know, the 24-year-old gunman had a social history that demonstrated an affinity for left-wing causes and apparently wanted to see Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren elected as the next president.
He was also apparently a firm believer in gun control, which is something that puzzled CNN senior reporter Drew Griffin. 
“Add to this mystery a confusing Twitter account, which CNN has now confirmed belonged to the shooter and had been taken down,” Griffin told CNN anchor Kate Bolduan on Tuesday.
“It is very left-leaning, pro-antifa, anti-police. It seems to support progressive candidates in the Democratic Party. But also, why I say ‘confusing’ is, he retweets support for gun control after the El Paso shooting. Investigators continue to dig here.”
Check it out here:
CNN: Dayton killer’s Twitter account “very left leaning"; “confusingly" he also “retweets support for gun control"
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It’s really hard to see exactly where the contradictions might be. 
As Griffin reported, the Dayton shooter’s social media history showed a basic left-wing outlook — opposing police officers, supporting antifa and progressive leftists, etc.
Gun control — with its disregard for the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and its goal of putting weaponry only in the hands of an increasingly powerful government — is right up the left-wing alley.
And many of those who saw Griffin’s report knew it.
I find it weird that that's confusing for CNN. Every left winger they've had on for three days has been for gun control. I assume the Bernie baseball field shooter was also a pro gun control. Oh you mean why would they then shoot up someplace? Simple, they're hypocrites. Easy.
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That's because it is only confusing to liberal progressive hypocrites who's anit-American agenda could be affected... oh and it is also confusing to idiot in the media and those who get their ideology and worldview from them.
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1) He’s a leftist

2) Murderers prefer their victims to be unarmed.

Makes perfect sense to me.
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Now, it’s understandable that a biased “news” operation like CNN might not like broadcasting the discovery that not all mass murderers are right-wingers. (In fact, the massive, horrible body counts of the 20th century’s mass murders were all accomplished by left-wing regimes — Soviet Russia, National Socialist Germany and Red China.)
But there is literally nothing confusing about a leftist believing in gun control.
For a true leftist, all power belongs in the hands of the government, with none for the citizenry.
And a leftist planning a mass shooting would certainly like nothing better than a target-rich environment full of victims incapable of defending themselves.

Even if CNN reporters can’t grasp that, conservatives can.

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