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CNN’s tweet on March for Our Lives’ plan for gun control might as well be its own at this rate

Or does it? Check out this tweet from CNN Wednesday morning and see if you can tell just whose gun control plan they’re talking about:
Oh, that’s not CNN’s plan, it’s March for Our Lives’ plan. We were a little confused there since CNN just tweeted the whole thing out without any context whatsoever. Then again, this is CNN, the cable network that gave the March for Our Lives kids a national platform during their Parkland show trial.
And now that we’ve read the list, we’re even less convinced. “Change the standards of gun ownership?” What standards? You mean background checks, red-flag laws, or something else? And “name a director of gun violence prevention?” How about no?
I don't take cues about exercising my enumerated civil rights from brain damaged teenagers that eat Tide pods.
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Hi yes @CNNPR I was wondering where I could find your news organization's twitter feed thank you
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I notice that there is no “Accountability” for the actual person who commits the crime. Keeping people locked up instead of letting them out for violent crimes also would help. List is based on nonsense
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Not sure how these few tenets of a "plan" will do more than the 22k+ gun laws already in place.
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A director of gun violence prevention? I've been looking for a useless job that pays well. Where do I send my resume?
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1. Change the standards of gun ownership
2. Become unprotected
3. Face tyranny of the government
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7. Demonstrate how any of this will work in urban/gang areas where the overwhelming majority of gun violence occurs
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Not one of those is a method... they’re just desired results

That isn’t how solutions work
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1. Too vague. No deal.

2. Gun deaths have already been halved in the last 30 years. It's not a public health crisis

3. The gun lobby is not strong.

4. No. End the bureaucracy. It's not helping.

5. This is vague, but actually a good idea

6. Those words are meaningless
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