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‘Conserving conservatism, indeed’: Bill Kristol takes a break from pimping Joe Walsh to go after Nikki Haley

We’re no doctors or anything, but now seems like as good a time as any for somebody to do a wellness check on Bill Kristol. His Trump Derangement Syndrome might be the worst case we’ve ever seen:
What is this guy’s problem? It’s bad enough that he’s actively pimping a grifting bigot like Joe Walsh as the answer to America’s prayers. But now he’s trying to drag Nikki Haley through the mud, too?
He is most definitely not OK.

Joe Walsh somehow mysteriously redeemed himself but Nikki Haley doesn't pass the purity test. Conserving conservatism, indeed.

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Congratulations, Bill Kristol. You’ve officially passed your expiration date.

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