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‘Dangerous bigot’: Ilhan Omar’s amplification of hit job on the Forward’s Batya Ungar-Sargon has another disturbing layer

Just because media firefighters (with precious few exceptions) have decided to sit there and pretend that all the anti-Semitic things Ilhan Omar says and does don’t make her an anti-Semite doesn’t mean the rest of us do.
We’d say that Omar’s up to her old tricks again, but the truth is that she never stopped. She recently decided to amplify a hit job on liberal Forward opinion editor Batya Ungar-Sargon, who — gasp! — had the gall to call her and Rashida Tlaib out for sharing an anti-Semitic cartoon. (Ungar-Sargon, it should be noted, has expressed sympathy for Omar and her ideological ilk in the past.) The hit job, naturally, was from Mondoweiss, a far-Left, anti-Israel website that makes no secret of its hostility toward Jews:
A U.S. elected official sharing the work of Mondoweiss. You just hate to see it. Will any Democrats call this out or nah?

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It’s Tuesday, which means that @IlhanMN just retweeted an article from another openly antisemitic site.

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“Hate site” is not an exaggeration, by the way:
The founder, Phillip Weiss has a long history of blaming Jewish power and money. He's blamed “Jewish presence in the Establishment" as cause for the Iraq War. "I began as an American appalled by Iraq; and then I found the three Zionist bears," wrote Weiss. https://web.archive.org/web/20120210011045/http://mondoweiss.net/2011/08/englishman-admits-he-singles-out-israel-because-his-own-leaders-seem-to-be-israels-devoted-citizens.html 

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Of course Ilhan Omar’s an admirer of theirs. Of course.
How many people are aware of that? Look for it or are interested in knowing about it? That’s the problem...There is no guarantee knowledge and enlightenment will prevail.
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yeah, it's just a coincidence that Ilhan Omar keeps promoting content from antisemitic sites and antisemitic cartoonists, partnering with groups that publish antisemitic content, etc

she’s like Corbyn - the unluckiest anti-racist constantly in the same room as anti-Semites
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What’s it going to take for her apologists to wake up?
In which Ilhan Omar tweets out a hate site’s attack on a Jewish journalist who criticized her. Whipping up antisemitic attacks on the press—I’m sure our brave firefighters will be on this asap. Meanwhile, zero Dems condemned this weekend’s antisemitism. Zero Dems object to it.
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Is there any doubt — any whatsoever — that if Steve King were sharing posts from the Daily Stormer or VDare, we wouldn’t have round-the-clock media coverage and endless shaming of every Republican politician who didn’t call for his head on a platter?
Where’s the outrage? Ilhan Omar couldn’t possibly make it any clearer that she’s an anti-Semitic bigot, and yet there’s been almost no outcry from the Left.
The silence is deafening! Where are all those Dems that were screaming foul last week when Israel denied their trip
Where’s Pelosi!?? Where’s the Shomer Schumer!?
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What bothers you most:
1. Congresswomen who continue to defend the indefensible?
2. The Party that doesn't call them out for it?
3. The candidates that won't comment because it doesn't fit their Trump-bashing narrative?
4. The media that won't cover the story?
5. All of the above
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