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Did Bill Kristol forget who he chose to help liberate conservatism from Donald Trump?

National Review staff writer Alexandra DeSanctis on Wednesday evening took aim at “the hardcore Never Trump pundits” who had settled on Joe Walsh as their Republican candidate, suggesting that was a clear sign that they simply despise Trump and are less concerned with “conserving conservatism.”
The fact that hardcore Never Trump pundits have settled on *squints, checks notes* Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford as better options than the president says a lot about whether they want to preserve conservatism or whether they simply despise Trump.
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I'd rather you had phrased this as "*some* hardcore Never Trump pundits"... unless I am out of touch, the support for either does not seem too overwhelming at this point.
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Walsh does have the support of Bill Kristol, however, who chimed in to clarify that creating a new, principled American conservatism requires liberating it from Donald Trump and the rest of the Trumpists.
Oddly, though, Kristol didn’t take the opportunity to play up Walsh after DeSanctis had given him the old “checks notes” treatment.
Can you think of anyone else who is stepping up to do the liberating? You go to war with the army you have.
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Yes Bill. Get it. But... Look I do think Joe's apology for the racist things he said is refreshing. But... couldn't you guys find someone without a history of crazy, racist, inflammatory remarks?
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Just so I understand, Joe Walsh is who you want to create conservatism anew with? Um..
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And exactly what would that look like and who would be your principled conservatives?
More racists like Joe Walsh?
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Hold up: "creating anew a decent and principled American conservatism" requires whitewashing islamophobia and racism?
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Because American conservatism will be in much better hands with a different racist who was licking Trump's boot heel until about a week ago?
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Ah yes, because Mr Congressional White Caucus and “if Hillary wins I’m getting my musket” is truly the vehicle for decent and principled conservatism. You’re embarrassing yourself Bill
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So we have to hold up notable racist @WalshFreedom as a shining example of conservatism? Are you implying conservatism is intertwined with racism and that any racist who hates Trump more than Trump hates other races is acceptable? Setting the bar low, aren't we?
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But Walsh has no place in a "decent and principaled" anything. His candidacy is a grift to pay consultants and rip off creditors a la McMullin.
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and in the mean time, you’ll sacrifice everything to prove your point. Grandstanding as a never Trumper letting the country slide into the socialist abyss.....😳
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