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D’OH! Byron York uses Beto’s own word-salad tweet on illegal immigration to make him look even DUMBER than usual and LOL

Over/under on when Robert Francis O’Rourke follows his ‘cousin’ Eric Swalwell and drops out of the presidential race? We understand that the guy who uses a Hispanic-sounding name is trying to appeal to a certain demographic with this tweet but c’mon man.
Trump doesn’t have an issue with legal immigrants.
Republicans don’t have an issue with legal immigrants.
Nobody does.
It’s illegal immigrants where we seem to disagree:

No, legal immigrants are AOK, Beto.
But nice try.
Byron York was able to make sense of this hot mess and used it to zing the little furry that could. Couldn’t?
It’s almost like Beto was just throwing words out and hoping that something stuck.
‘Microwave, pop tart, kangaroo … TRUMP!’
Something like that.
And when it comes to people on the Left, he’s not wrong.
Scary, ain’t it?

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