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Elizabeth Warren gets the Spider-Man meme treatment after calling for ‘Economic Patriotism’

Elizabeth Warren is out with a new ad on “Economic Patriotism” that hits American companies for having more loyalty to their shareholders than America, which is something we’re told is very bad when President Donald Trump says it:
A lot of giant companies refer to themselves as “American.” But let’s face it, they only have one real loyalty: Their shareholders. A Warren administration will halt the hollowing out of American cities and create good American jobs. Here’s how.

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They’re the same if journos won’t admit it:

Her example, however? Pencils. Traitor companies are importing pencils from Mexico:
I seriously can't believe she cited a pencil - A PENCIL - to support her "economic patriotism" ploy. Either she's trolling us (and Leonard Read, RIP) or more clueless than we thought.
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Only Liz Warren can save America’s pencil manufacturing!

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