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‘Ellen’ producer thinks it’s ridiculous some are trying to ‘pin’ Epstein’s death on the Clintons when Trump & Barr are the ones in charge

In the wake of news of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, the takes are many and some of them are piping hot. Currently, “Clintons” and “Clinton” are trending, and “Ellen” executive producer Andy Lassner blasted conspiracy theories involving Bill and Hillary. Lassner also slammed people spreading similar theories about Trump and Barr — Wait, not so much with that last part:
We’re not sure it qualifies as participating in a conspiracy theory yet, but it’s teetering on the edge:

It’s been quite a day.
Joe Scarborough’s all over that one!
The panic on the left trying to pin this on Trump is hilarious and unbelievably telling.

Bill was on his plane and his island.

Hilary lost to Trump.

This is under their watch.

(See how easy that works)
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I think @andylassner deleted the second tweet in this thread because he realized he sounded like Alex Jones on a bad day.
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