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Helpful: David Frum shows why red flag laws are ‘a huge mistake’ by asking why these photos of people carrying guns aren’t ‘red flags’

There’s plenty of debate about what can be done to help stop mass shootings before they ever start, and David Frum seems to think that “red flag” laws could help, and he provided some examples of what might get a flag of that color. Here’s one:
A guy carrying holstered guns in an area where presumably it’s legally allowed while minding his own business counts as a “red flag”?
Because it’s legal to carry and mass shooting generally happen in places that don’t allow guns. Kinda like how there are more burglars in the UK since outlawing guns is practically and invitation to enter someone’s home illegally.

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Because in many states you can lawfully open carry. I know that makes the weak cry foul but we don't live life according to the emotional state of the constantly offended.

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Frum provided a couple more examples of what he’d consider “red flags”:
After all that, it turns out Frum might help change some minds, and not in the way he might have hoped:
Thanks for showing us why we shouldn't trust anyone who claims red flag laws will be applied judiciously and fairly.
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Red Flag laws will instantly be abused to harass and demonize gun owners.

>Nu uh!

5 minutes later...

>Open Carry is a red flag.
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David Frum single-handedly trying to kill any conservative support for Red-Flag laws.
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Yes, that was very helpful.

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  1. Red Flag Laws brought to you by the same people promising you 40 Trillion in "free stuff".