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‘His loans have Russian co-signers’: Lawrence O’Donnell attempts to reignite the Russia narrative with a single anonymous source

Is this true or not? Is it even bad? Who knows. We have zero context for it. But resistance Twitter is pretty psyched about it even though it’s just a single anonymous source:
A source close to Deutsche Bank says Trump’s tax returns show he pays very little income tax and, more importantly, that his loans have Russian co-signers.

If true, that explains every kind word Trump has ever said about Russia and Putin. @TheLastWord 10pm

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Video here:

BREAKING: A source tells @Lawrence that Trump had co-signers on his Deutsche Bank loans: Russian billionaires close to Putin.

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And here’s O’Donnell telling the news to Rachel Maddow:
BREAKING: MSNBC reports that Donald Trump obtained business loans by having Russian oligarchs as co-signers: "The source close to Deutsche Bank has told me that Donald Trump's loan documents ... show that he has co-signers ... and that they are Russian Oligarchs."
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This seems like a pretty explosive charge to make with only one source. Let’s see if it hold up, at all:

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  1. Of course Trump got money from Russian criminals! Mostly from those who stole money in Russia.