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Hot take: ‘No politician in living memory has been treated as badly as Ilhan Omar’

We’re all out of sympathy for Rep. Ilhan Omar, having spent the day hearing about how President Trump needs to be impeached because his racist Muslim ban has been adopted by Israel and now Omar and her BFF Rep. Rashida Tlaib won’t get to visit Palestine on the dime of one really sketchy group.
But it appears others have infinitely deep wells of compassion for Omar, the Somali refugee who lived in a Kenyan refugee camp before making her way to the United States to tell all of us here how much the country sucks. Check out this hot take from The Independent:
No politician in recent memory? That’s quite a bold claim.
Someone shot at a bunch of Republicans and almost murdered one. Rand Paul was beaten in his own yard. Betsy DeVos, Pam Bondi and Sarah Sanders have been surrounded and run out of public places. Mitch McConnell just had people chanting for him to be stabbed outside his own home.

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Uh, you forgot Steve Scalise. He almost lost his life. But keep up with the 'muh feelings' are more important.

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I always thought Mussolini hanging upside down next to his mistress from a lamppost was a bit rough, but hey, what do I know?

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Politicians have been murdered, exiled, imprisoned, but yeah, she's been treated the worst. Definitely. For sure. Yup.

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Well, someone shot Steve Scalise, like, two years ago. I'm old enough to remember it, but I can't speak for the Independent's target audience

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Steve Scalise was shot by a deranged Democrat. Rand Paul had his ribs broken by a deranged Democrat. But do go on about how Omar's feelers were hurt when she was called out for being a Jew-hater.

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Lord Mountbatten was blown up on his fishing boat. JFK and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, Reagan was shot. but, do go on about a woman who doesn't even know what country banned her.

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Parody account.

She is an antisemite who clearly dislikes America. She has also sought to get ISIS recruits off on lighter sentences.

She is terrible.

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Now that’s fact.

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