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‘I don’t talk to f***ing Jews’: Local NAACP president fired from NJ state job over anti-Semitic remarks defends himself in a wildly anti-Semitic Facebook post

Jeffrey Dye, president of the Passiac, NJ NAACP, was fired from his job with the Gov. Phil Murphy administration after a reporter discovered anti-Semitic and anti-Latino posts on his Facebook page:
Jeffrey Dye, a Murphy administration official under fire for making anti-Semitic and anti-Latino comments on his Facebook page, was fired today from his job at the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, The New Jersey Globe is reporting.

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The posts were first reported on by David Wildstein of the New Jersey Globe:

But the Murphy administration is still silent on why they hired Dye in the first place:
When Wildstein called Dye to follow-up on his firing, Dye allegedly said, “I don’t talk to f***ing Jews”:
Later on Facebook, Dye denied his comment to Wildstein and said it was a lie from a Jewish reporter and all part of a “COINTELPRO & JEWISH MEDIA PROPAGANDA ASSASSINATION HIT TEAM”:
Wow. Time for this guy to go:


  1. Can you imagine how frightened intelligent -- 140+ I.Q.-- Jews must be right now? The entire planet is foaming at the mouth in anti-Jewish rage. Europe has been inundated with radical Muslims, many of whom will attack anyone bearing a Jewish symbol identifying them as Jews. The US is taking one of three refugees from the Third-World, almost all of whom hate Jews. Jews are leaving Russia for Israel because Putin, a devout Christian who participates at the alter in public Mass, has a chip on his shoulder regarding the slaughter of Christians by Bolshevik Jews. Whoever controls Israel must believe in the scriptures of the Talmud that claim the Jewish Messiah will only arrive after 6-million Jews perish (That's where the 6-million number of the alleged Holocaust originated, by the way.) Zionists are forcing Jews to Israel, where they will be slaughtered in mass.

  2. Why can one be fired for making anti-Semitic remarks but not anti-Christian or anti-Muslim remarks?

  3. And think how wealthy Jews have exploited the black community over the years and hypocritically claim racism when exposed