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‘I give up’: @AG_Conservative does CNN fact checker’s job for him, systematically takes Kamala Harris’ lies apart

CNN reporter and fact checker Daniel Dale was all over the Democratic candidates at last night’s debate. Well, sort of. When it came to Kamala Harris, he couldn’t really find much wrong with what she said:
Here's a first batch of debate fact checks (more coming). Biden wrong that Obama put protection for DREAMers in actual "law"; Yang exaggerated in attributing mall closures to Amazon alone; Harris actually understated pharma/insurer profits: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/31/politics/fact-check-democratic-debate-night-2/index.html 

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While arguing with each other, Biden and Booker both omitted important context:

1) Biden touted his 2007-onward push to kill the 100-to-1 crack/cocaine sentencing disparity...while not mentioning he was a leading figure behind the 1986 law that created the disparity.

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2) Booker touted praise he got from the ACLU, late in his mayoral term, over Newark police reform...while not mentioning that this was after the ACLU filed a long complaint about policing in Newark, which was followed by a DOJ investigation that found major Booker-era violations.

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Asked about this on CNN, Booker says he was taking over a city with big problems that couldn’t be fixed immediately; says ACLU thought he was going too slow, but it was a reform “partnership” even when ACLU tried to speed it by filing the complaint that ticked him off at first.

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Wow, great work, Daniel.

It’s true that after last night’s disastrous performance, Kamala needs all the help she can get. But she shouldn’t be getting it from an ostensibly objective CNN reporter.
Since Dale didn’t appear to be capable of doing what he was hired to do, conservative tweeter @AG_Conservative felt compelled to do it for him:
I give up. CNN pays these fact-checkers hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's exhausting that regular people have to do the work they simply refuse to do.
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Fine. I'll just do it for Harris.

Biden and Bennett were correct. Harris' plan does eliminate employer-based insurance despite her repeatedly disputing it.
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Harris is being misleading here by suggesting that the amount Americans pay for healthcare each year is interchangeable with government spending on healthcare.
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Harris claimed that it is "misleading" to suggest Americans like their employer plans. 86% of Americans covered by employer-plans consider them "excellent" or "good": https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/30/politics/kaiser-medicare-for-all/index.html 
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Harris says it is "false" she is opposed to federally-mandated busing. She is actually opposed to federally-mandated bussing (though this was a flip from her position days earlier). https://www.apnews.com/8a1e9b842ad340bd9ab1f1eae114dda2 
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Harris also wrongly claimed mandated bussing was the vehicle used to integrate public schools. Mandated federal busing was actually a huge failure that was even opposed by most African Americans at the time.https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/06/28/joe-biden-kamala-harris-busing-integration-schools/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.8e10d1bcc229 
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Harris said that Biden's claim about a judge freeing a 1000 prisoners after Harris' office violated their rights (by refusing to share info about tainted evidence from a crime lab) was "not true"

It was accurate. https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article233375207.html 
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Harris also promised to have a plan to get us to be carbon neutral by 2030. This plan hasn't been released, but I will point out again that is mathematically impossible with current technology unless you significantly decrease America's population and destroy our economy.
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Harris incorrectly suggests here during her attack on Biden that the Hyde amendment withholds access (= funding) to abortion for victims of rape and incest. The Hyde Amendment has exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother.https://www.kff.org/womens-health-policy/issue-brief/the-hyde-amendment-and-coverage-for-abortion-services/ 
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That was just a quick review by me. Harris obviously wasn't the only candidate that said things that were clearly false, but she did say quite a few things that were indisputably untrue.

If only there was a group of professionals that was paid to point out these facts...
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If only.

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