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‘Ice melts in summer?! OMG NO!’ AOC gets SCHOOLED for attempting to scare people into supporting her #GreenNewDeal

AOC tries and tries to terrify people into supporting her agenda and the bloated, crazy-huge, overreaching nightmare of a bill the Green New Deal (or is it something about Climate Equity now?) … it’s almost sad.
Luckily we still have a sense of humor about the whole thing so we can keep on gigglin’ at her.
For now.
Guys, it gets hot in the summer.
And when ice gets too hot it melts and turns into water.
And then, when water gets cold again (like in the winter) it turns into ice.
Whoa, right?
We do have time to argue, especially if the plan you want to push down our throats is as stupid as the Green New Deal.
Just sayin’.

OMG! It’ll never refreeze! NYC will be underwater next week. Run for the hills!!!

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This would be easier to take seriously if your plan to address it didn’t include a bundle of irrelevant policies like Medicare for All & a jobs guarantee that have no obvious connection to climate change
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Fair point.
If someone shows a picture of snow it is winter weather.
If aoc show a picture of ice melting it is climate change.
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You know, because it’s SUMMER.
True story.
The average temperature of Greenland from 7 long-running GHCN stations show that the past 20 years are no different than the warm period 1925-1950.

Greenland's temperatures are largely controlled by multidecadal variations in North Atlantic sea surface temperature (AMO).
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Surely that’s the world coming to an end and stuff.
News flash!! Ice melts when it gets warmer (and then refreezes when it gets colder)! Quick, redistribute money from people who don’t agree with me to people who will vote for me to solve this critical problem!!
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Wow, this went impressively bad, AOC.

Well done.

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