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Ilhan Omar further cements her anti-Semitic-garbage-person status in brazenly intellectually dishonest thread railing against Israel

Good news, everyone! When Ilhan Omar lashed out at Israel yesterday over their decision to bar her and Rashida Tlaib from entering due to their open BDS advocacy, she was only getting started. Turns out she had lots more BS to sow.
Let’s be clear: the goal of our trip was to witness firsthand what is happening on the ground in Palestine and hear from stakeholders —our job as Members of Congress.

But since we were unable to fulfill our role as legislators, I am sharing what we would have seen. (THREAD)

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“In Palestine.” Right off the bat, it’s obvious she’s full of it.
She’s a real piece of work, isn’t she?
Whose claims are untrue, Ilhan?
Talk about gaslighting. But don’t worry — she’s not finished lying yet.
Then, the delegation was going to receive a briefing on the Bedouin community in East Jerusalem. For decades, Bedouin homes have been bulldozed and communities have been uprooted in order to build settlements on Palestinian land.

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Then the UN was going to brief us about the effect of humanitarian aid cuts on Palestinians.

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We planned a video conference with youth from Gaza.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is one of the worst in the world—with 97% of water unfit for human consumption and on the verge of collapse. Most of the people in Gaza are children.

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Maybe because they don’t want members of Congress to get blown up?
77% of shops have closed bc of military occupation. Palestinians walk with garbage nets above their heads, put up to catch trash thrown by settlers. Violent attacks on Palestinians are routine.
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We planned to visit the separation wall around historic Bethlehem. Only 13% of Bethlehem is now accessible to Palestinian use.

The wall, built in 2002 against international law, was said at the time to be “temporary.”

It still stands. https://www.openbethlehem.org/wall 
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And, as has already been pointed out, those “similar trips” took place before the 2017 law barring BDS proponents was passed.
Yeah, Omar Shakir seems like a real stand-up guy.
About that:
Seems like the Netanyahu government made the right call.
And of course, this lack of respect for freedom of movement and freedom of expression is part of the day-to-day lives of Palestinians living in the occupied territories.https://www.btselem.org/topic/freedom_of_movement 
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Though we were unable to witness this firsthand, there are other ways for people to learn about the occupation.

Follow @alhaq_org, @btselem, @amnesty and other groups speaking out about human rights violations.
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Oh, is that what those groups are doing?
“Follow Peter Beinart.” That alone should tell you that her intentions were never pure. But of course there’s more:
Yes, by all means. Hear out the notorious anti-Semites and terrorist apologists at IfNotNow.
As many of my colleagues have stated in the last 24 hours, we give Israel more than $3 billion in aid every year. This is predicated on their being an important ally in the region, and the 'only democracy' in the Middle East.
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Denying visits to duly elected Members of Congress is not consistent with being either an ally or a democracy. We should be leveraging that aid to stop the settlements and ensure full rights for Palestinians.
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Ilhan Omar is apparently counting on her followers not to know or care that Rashida Tlaib was invited to visit Israel on the condition that she didn’t advocate for its destruction while there and chose instead to stay home and accuse Israel of anti-Muslim bigotry.
The occupation is real.
Barring members of Congress from seeing it does not make it go away.
We must end it—together. (END)
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The only thing Ilhan Omar wants to end is Israel itself.

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