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Journo Mehdi Hasan continues to insist that Trump is ‘an open white nationalist anti-Semite’ while white-knighting for Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

 Al Jazeera English presenter and Intercept journalist Mehdi Hasan did his best impersonation of an Ilhan Omar/Rashida Tlaib apologist outraged by anti-Semitism after Donald Trump’s God-awful “great disloyalty” remark about Jews who vote for Democrats.
After Trump clarified his remark today by essentially doubling down on it, Hasan once again took to Twitter to white-knight for Omar and Tlaib:
With Omar & Tlaib, their critics have to bend over backwards to show that their words are "tropes", "codewords", "dog whistles" etc.

With Trump, he's just open about it: Jews are dumb & "disloyal". When asked who they're disloyal to, he says "Israel."

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To be clear, I'm not defending Omar/Tlaib across the board and think they should choose their words carefully, and I'm glad they apologize when they get things wrong.

But there's no "both sides" here. There is an open white nationalist anti-Semite on one side, but not the other.

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Is Hasan honestly contending that being a white supremacist is a prerequisite for anti-Semitism? Is he honestly contending that Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib haven’t been open and unapologetic with their anti-Semitism?
When have Omar/Tlaib ever apologized for anything? Do you just assume everyone who reads your nonsense is a moron?

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And is he honestly contending that he isn’t tying himself into intellectual knots in order to defend Omar and Tlaib from accurate charges of anti-Semitism?
This is got to be a joke, you can’t be more blatant than what tlaib and Omar have done
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It shouldn’t have to be said that anti-Semitism is awful and inexcusable no matter what political side it’s coming from, but here we are.

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