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Just going to leave this here –> Rashida Tlaib gets the ‘distracted boyfriend meme’ treatment ANNND we’re officially dead now

You know a story has really gone ‘viral’ when you see it getting the distracted boyfriend meme treatment.
Sums up Rashida Tlaib using her own grandmother to play politics over the Israel ban pretty well, doncha think? First, she makes a stink about seeing her and then when Israel says ok she suddenly doesn’t want to go anymore. In our field we see a lot of people step on rakes but wow, this was an exceptionally BAD misstep for Rashida.
Chef’s kiss even.

Even the Resistance thinks this is funny.
It is truly the meme that keeps on meme’ing.
She wanted to pick figs with her and stuff.
Until she didn’t.

*adjusts tinfoil*

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