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‘Just stop pretending’: S.E. Cupp tries shaming her ‘friends in the Republican party’ to act on guns and it does NOT go well for her

HOO boy …
We’re not entirely sure why S.E. Cupp took it upon herself to lecture her ‘friends in the Republican party’ on doing something about guns but here we are.
It’s time to act on guns. @secupp says, “I’ll be accused of letting my emotions get in the way of facts here… it should be more emotional. And to my friends in the Republican party, at the NRA, on the side of gun rights, if you're not emotional about this, join me, won't you?"

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United States of Hate.
Good gravy, woman.
Also, not seeing a lot of people accusing her of letting her emotions get to her, but we are seeing a whole LOT of people calling her a fake, fraud, and a phony.
Just sayin’.
Not a great Libertarian. Nope.
Lotsa people saying, ‘No thanks,’ here as well.

I am a fan but of the Age of Enlightenment. It has brought us reason and logic. Gun homicides are substantially down from the mid 1990’s. Mass shootings are tragic and elicit emotion.
Taking away constitutional rights because of fear is not the answer, unless you repeal the 2A.
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The nerve.
I’m very emotional when it comes to my rights. Dismantling the second by violating the fourth will lead to the dispersal of the first.

Or is that too hard to see?
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This editor is pretty emotional about her rights as well.
Nailed it.
She should just stop pretending to even be a Libertarian and admit she’s more of a Moderate now.
You are absolutely letting your emotions get in the way of facts. That’s a horrible way to craft policy that affects the rights of law-abiding citizens.
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Short and sweet.

That works.

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