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‘Left out the black plague!’ Greg Gutfeld hilariously TORCHES CNN for allowing guest to deem Trump largest mass murderer EVER

We’re not sure CNN could do MORE to make their ratings sink. Every day we think they’ve hit rock bottom but then they come back and surprise us all with some new awful Don Lemon segment, Fredo argument, or obnoxious guest who they allow to spew hate and lies.
Sorta like the ‘doctor’ Stelter interviewed who said Trump is a larger mass murderer than Hilter, Mao and Stalin.
Suppose tater is gonna TATER but c’mon man.
Greg Gutfeld called CNN out as only he can.
Must hand it to CNN: FINALLY they help deem Trump a larger mass murderer than Hitler, Mao AND Stalin!! They left out the black plague, AIDS and the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

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But the dinosaurs had it comin’ … or something.

...and he said "may have"

As in "could have already"

~100,000,000 already dead b/c Trump.

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Greg could definitely be tempting fate here.
Maybe they're concerned that they lost the "Worst Fake News" title to NBC and are trying to regain their status.
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Fair. NBC has definitely been doing their part to be the keepers of fake news.
Awww, there ya’ go.’

And that one wins the thread.

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