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Major US newspapers printed using harvested trees and delivered with gas-powered vehicles for a century examine how lawn care and gas stoves have impacted climate change

It looks like it’s time for another round of eco-shaming, and this time around the New York Times has set its sights on how maintaining your lawn can contribute to climate change, and provided the history to show “how we got here”:
The wealthy, influenced by European estates, had lawns first: A month after the U.S. declared independence, George Washington was planning his own. But by the 1870s, lawns were accessible to the upper-middle class. And the 1950s, they were in the suburbs. https://nyti.ms/2KGg47h 

Has the Times yet done an expose on the newspaper industry’s contributions to the global warming they often report is going to be the death of humanity?
New York Times is responsible for removing half a million trees from our planet every week, so they can continue with their early 20th century environmentally devastating business model of printing daily papers, that become obsolete within 24 hours.

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And let’s not forget all the delivery vehicles required!
Not to be outdone, the Los Angeles Times, that’s been printed on harvested trees since 1881 and delivered with gas-powered vehicles beginning not long after that, posed this important question:
It might be easier and more environmentally helpful to give up something else:
Your move, L.A

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