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Max Boot responds to NRO’s rebuttal to his absurd white-people-shaming column with even more ‘transparent nonsense’ and smears

Max Boot got very upset at Buckley Fellow John Hirschauer for calling him out in National Review over a ridiculous opinion column whose thrust was basically that white people can either be self-loathing or white supremacists.
Wow. I've been accused by white supremacists of being a "self-loathing white" who is "stoking the flames of race hatred" by denouncing racism. But did not expect to be so attacked in @NRO. A sad indication of what's happened to mainstream conservatism. https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/08/max-boot-fans-the-flames-of-racial-hatred/ 
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Boot figured that the only possible explanation for Hirschauer’s rebuttal was that Hirschauer is a white supremacist.
But instead of quitting while he was behind, Boot decided instead to double down today:
We’d post an excerpt, but honestly, the whole thing is ridiculous.
I find Boot's reaction to be hysterical and out of proportion. I think he thinks it's an attempt to police the way we have this conversation, but it's just making things worse--which is kind of what the NR article was saying.
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The article in question accused Boot of generalizing about people by their skin color and portraying anyone who disagrees with him of being a white supremecist. Boot reacted to it by accusing National Review and the author of essentially being white surprmecists. Beyond parody.
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In other words, Boot’s piece is right up Tom Nichols’ alley:
“An intern.”
Intellectual honesty is too much work. And it’s certainly no substitute for those sweet, sweet Resistance clicks.
Hey, it seems to be working for them. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?
Max Boot forfeited the right to be taken seriously a long time ago.
We’ll leave you with John Hirschauer’s excellent response to Boot’s hysteria:

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