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MEEE-OW! Neera Tanden’s swipe at Susan Sarandon for voting third-party and ‘helping Trump’ does NOT go well

Ugh, that people actually follow Dean Obeidallah is such a sad reflection on Twitter …
Not to mention ol’ Dean is pushing the ‘very fine people’ lie in this tweet. We get that his vapid base doesn’t realize (or care) that he’s lying his backside off about said quote but c’mon, it’s got to get old pushing lies after a while, right?
Neera Tanden chimed in and for whatever reason slammed Susan Sarandon.
Even Susan knew Hillary was a disaster. Sorry, not sorry, Neera. Maybe if the DNC hadn’t screwed over Bernie because it was ‘Hillary’s turn’?
Third party votes don't help another candidate. Maybe Hillary shouldn't have been awful. Maybe she should've visited swing states.

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Easier to blame Susan than accept they ran a horrible candidate.
It's absurd, but if you actually believe your campaign was undone by an actress supporting a third party candidate, then the problem was your campaign

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Seriously, @neeratanden. You’re the absolute worst. Why is it that you can’t 1) accept all of the faults caused by all of the people, and 2) move the F on. Jesus. Kids are in f’ing cages and u think the best use of ur Twitter time is dragging 1 celebrity who participated in 2016?

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Don’t mind us, we’re just sitting over here eating popcorn watching the Left eat itself.
Want some?
Neera Tanden is still blaming Susan Sarandon for Hillary losing in 2016. This is a good time to remind people what Neera herself has said about Hillary Clinton.

“Almost no one knows better [than] me that her instincts can be terrible”

“her instincts are suboptimal.”
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Wow, this went even worse than we expected, Neera.
Way to go.
Those blaming Susan Sarandon for Hillary's loss are morons. Hillary was endorsed by Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Jay Z, Beyonce, Snoop, Thor, Iron Man, Homer and Ariana Grande and she still couldn't pull it off. Let it go.
This time don't vote for a loser.
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When some “Democrat” women who have never seen the front line of a protest and are the ones discouraging and pushing young and true progressive voters out of the party are still blaming Susan Sarandon and “Bernie bros” for Trump. Stop blaming and start actually doing something.
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Yikes, when you’ve lost Linda Sarsour?

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  1. Yeah well Neera would really be upset with me. Because of the screwing-over of Bernie and the general feeling I had that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, I voted for Trump. I would not throw away my vote.