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‘Nana’s cookies are racist’! With the NYT and the 1619 Project’s help, hopefully Americans can atone for the lasting sin of ‘sugar slavery’

Put down that Twinkie! Throw the rest of that cake in the trash! You don’t want to be a part of sugar’s shameful legacy, do you? Well, do you?
All we can say is, thank God for the New York Times and the 1619 Project:
The sugar that saturates the American diet has a barbaric history as the “white gold” that fueled slavery. “It was the introduction of sugar slavery in the New World that changed everything,” writes Khalil Gibran Muhammad for the https://nyti.ms/2ze3Mhf 

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In 1795, Étienne de Boré, a New Orleans sugar planter, granulated the first sugar crystals in the Louisiana Territory. Within 5 decades, Louisiana planters, using the labor of enslaved people, were producing a quarter of the world’s cane-sugar supply. http://nyti.ms/2ze3Mhf 

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Louisiana led the U.S. in destroying the lives of black people in the name of economic efficiency. Life expectancy on its sugar plantations was similar to that of a Jamaican cane field, where the most overworked and abused could drop dead after 7 years. http://nyti.ms/2ze3Mhf 

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As recently as the 1940s, the United States Sugar Corporation was investigated and indicted for “carrying out a conspiracy to commit slavery,” wrote Alec Wilkinson in his 1989 book, "Big Sugar." The indictment was eventually quashed on procedural grounds. http://nyti.ms/2ze3Mhf 

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Let the shame wash over you like molasses. Well, maybe not molasses. That stuff’s made from sugar, you know.
If we ban white sugar, what will the New York Times use for all the cakes at their self-congratulatory soirées? Splenda? Please.


  1. What a hypocrite!

    Here's the nitty gritty: THe Black African hunted his Racial brothers, turned them over to the Arabs/islamics, and the Arabs /islamics, brought them to the Coast to the Whites....but wait a minute, it was the jews that owned the slave ships, and had the auction houses. ......75% of the African slaves were shipped to Brazil and the W. Indies. And the Plantation Owners were Sephardic jews.

    Soooo, just WHO are you blaming!

    So, this islamic writes about slavery, except in Eur. the West, the U.S., the White Man ABOLISHED slavery a century ago!

    While in islamic countries, Africa, India, and everywhere that islam exists, SLAVERY returned. It's alive and well, going strong in those countries.