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New York lawmaker wants to require students to learn about hate symbols like swastikas and nooses

We suppose this is a well-intentioned effort, but what sort of history classes are high school students in New York taking that don’t include World War II and lynchings?
Take our word for it: College students have perpetrated plenty of hoaxes involving swastikas, so they know what they are. And nooses? “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett reminded the whole country about lynchings with his “attack.”
But then pro comedian Sarah Silverman mistook surveyors’ marks on the New York City sidewalk for swastikas, so maybe a refresher is in order.
CNN reports that Democratic state Sen. Todd Kaminsky’s measure would require lessons on hate symbols as part of the student curriculum in grades six through 12. What we want to know is, will students learn about the “OK” white supremacist hand sign that was started as a gag on 4chan and made it all the way to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings?
Thank you for being a teacher. And yes, I learned about it in my NY school 30 years ago. That's what social studies was for. Maybe they don't have that class anymore.

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In NYS students in 7th, 8th, and 11th grades take US history and take Global History in 9th and 10th. All of those grades have curricula that include the denial and fights for human & civil rights. All of those classes are mandatory already.

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So essentially this is a Democratic lawmaker trying to pass legislation to require something that’s already being taught to be taught.
In 2000 when I was in high-school I'm fairly certain they didn't forget to mention the swastika while teaching WW2
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Don't they already teach WWII and American History in schools still or not?
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Huh. My kids already know. Guess some parents take the time already to go beyond the school babysitting services.
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Don’t count on it; half the teachers will probably have that on their coffee mugs.

We’re pretty sure they’ve got this handled.

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