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NOW you’re thinkin’! Jesse Kelly’s plan to ‘take over’ Greenland instead of buying it sounds hilariously FAMILIAR

Jesse Kelly is right.
Argh, don’t tell him we said so, we’ll NEVER hear the end of it, but he is right about Greenland.
Why should we buy it when we could just take it over? And his plan, while it’s vaguely familiar, seems like it could work for us, don’cha think?
We don’t need to buy Greenland. We just need to immigrate there en masse, refuse to assimilate, and demonize anyone who sees what we’re doing as “racist”.

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Gosh, where have we heard this before? Hrm.

Or racists, bigots, sexists … whichever ‘ist’ is popular that day.
ALL the free stuff!
And millions of tiny resistance heads just exploded all over Twitter.


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