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NY Times editorial board calls for Electoral College to be ‘fixed’ or ‘scrapped’ (here are the alternate headlines)

With so many Democrats unwilling to simply admit that Hillary Clinton wasn’t an effective candidate when it came to what was necessary to win in 2016, the New York Times editorial board has joined them in saying the Electoral College needs to be fixed or scrapped so no such horrors happen again:
The real problem with the Electoral College is the winner-take-all rule currently used by every state but Maine and Nebraska. Giving all electors to the winner of the statewide popular vote erases the votes of citizens in the political minority. https://nyti.ms/2zvDfft 

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That’s super easy to translate:

"Fix the Electoral College — Or Scrap It"

Alternate title: Let's change the rules to ensure that my side wins.

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Nice try, NYT editorial board.
Many on the Left didn’t seem to mind the rules as they are back when they were convinced Trump would have a very hard time getting to 270. But now it’s come to this…

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