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Oh Ngo she didn’t: Actress Rosanna Arquette informs Donald Trump that ‘Antifa is not a hate group’

Donald Trump said he’s concerned about the rise of hate groups:
Trump on his reaction to white supremacists: “i’m concerned about the rise of any type of hate. i don’t like it. any type of supremacy, whether it’s white supremacy or antifa...”

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Seems like a pretty solid approach to hate groups, right?
But actress Rosanna Arquette — who, according to her Twitter bio, is “resisting fascism on a daily basis” — has a problem with it. Namely that Trump dares to consider Antifa a hate group:
Glad we’ve cleared that up.

Yeah, Antifa’s just “a far-reaching, multidisciplinary mutual aid and support network.” That happens to take a far-reaching, multidisciplinary approach to violent intimidation. Nothing hateful about that! Except for, you know, the hate.
Try that line again, but this time with more actressing. I realize that it is highly implausible fiction but that *is* what you get paid to do.
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I’d say a bike lock to the head, pepper spray and clubs prove you wrong. But you don’t want the truth. You can’t handle the truth.
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That much is clear.
Andy Ngo has experience Antifa’s hate first-hand. He’s still recovering from it.
I was beaten & robbed on 29 June by at least a dozen masked antifa assailants in downtown Portland. I was hospitalized with head contusions, a ripped ear & a brain hemorrhage. There have been no arrests. Please join me in my effort to seek justice. https://publiuslex.com/pf/justice-for-andy-ngo/ 
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Possibly no one understands Antifa better than Ngo.

If Rosanna’s serious about resisting fascism, she needs to start resisting Antifa.

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