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OMG they’re so MAD! Chris Cillizza actually writes an HONEST piece about Kamala Harris and the Left just LOSES it

When even CNN’s Chris Cillizza admits that Kamala Harris got whooped by Tulsi Gabbard during Wednesday night’s debate you KNOW it was pretty darn bad.
From CNN:
But what Harris started her answer on Gabbard with was the she-is-so-beneath-me-I-can’t-even-bring-myself-to-take-her-seriously riff. Which, for a candidate as naturally gifted and experienced as Harris, is a clear mistake. And a mistake that appeared born of the simple fact that Gabbard pissed her off and, in the immediate aftermath of the debate, she was still fuming.
And the bottom line is that there are aspects of Harris’ record as attorney general that are a major weakness for her candidacy. As a top-tier candidate, she *has* to expect to be hit on it. Who it came from is immaterial — so the fact that she responded by dismissing Gabbard’s poll numbers is telling.
This incident isn’t going to do any real damage to Harris. She’s right that she is a top-tier candidate and Gabbard, well, isn’t — at least not yet. But Harris’ inability to keep her cool is something to keep an eye on. This isn’t the only time she’s going to be challenged on her record in the coming months.
Chris isn’t wrong here.
If Kamala couldn’t handle pushback from a DEMOCRAT how does she think she’s going to be able to deal with Trump on a debate stage? And make no bones about it, he won’t pull ANY punches … wait until he asks her about Willie Brown.
But you know, since Chris dared be critical of Kamala the Left decided he was being super – wait for it – SEXIST.
Good times.
Well this take smacks of sexism. Is there a parallel piece criticizing Bernie’s yelling and berating?

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How dare he criticize a WOMAN!

Didn’t smile, smiled too much, looked mad, looks like she was mocking her opponent, wore a suit, sleeves too tight, looks like she’s going to cry, why didn’t she scream, why did she yell? Screw you and your bias. She’s who she is and has every right to debate as who she is.

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Fun group of people CNN has been pandering to over the years.
Thypical misogyny.

Women lose control.
Women are too emotional.
Women are too bossy.
Women are too shrill.

Men with the same traits are described as passionate leaders who voice their concerns.
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Cillizza couldn’t offer intelligent commentary about anything even with Abraham Lincoln operating him like a sock puppet.
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He’s such a raging Conservative, right?
Bernie Sanders, red-faced, shouting incoherently at every question, spittle flying everywhere, MSM, “His passion is clear but will his socialist policy turn voters off?”

Kamala Harris, raises a single eyebrow 1/8” at a pointed, negatively framed question, MSM:
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Oh we’re going with the angry black woman trope? I am so tired & I can’t imagine what’s going to happen with media orgs like CNN spouting this type of nonsense
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This is going to be SO MUCH FUN.

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