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‘Or DID he?!’ Norm Macdonald calls Jeffrey Epstein OUT in more ways than one and it will make you think

Norm Macdonald’s tweet (joke?) about Jeffrey Epstein definitely had people on Twitter ‘thinking’. Granted, most of the thinking was centered around whether or not Norm’s tweet was accurate and furthered the ‘conspiracy theory’ debate, but it was still a good discussion as far as Twitter is concerned.
Usually, a comedian tells a joke and people either laugh or they get mad, but this turned into more of a ‘what is he really saying here’ sort of conversation.
See for yourself.
a man is a coin, no obverse without reverse. If you like, remember Jeff Epstein as monster, destroying lives with a wicked nonchalance. But, for me , I will remember him as the man who killed Jeff Epstein.

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Man is a coin.
So spend him.
No? Fine, we’ll leave the jokes up to Norm.
Although this sounds sorta deep for a joke.

Kind of like Hitler. The only human Hitler ever killed was Hitler. The other millions were killed by those unwilling to say no to Hitler.
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True story.
There it is!

This is just like Deep Thoughts With Jack Handy … nailed it.

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