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OWNED –> Kimberley Strassel mocks Beto’s latest over-the-top, creepy rhetoric and boy HOWDY does she have his number

We get it, Beto’s 2020 campaign is SERIOUSLY tanking but his rhetoric over the past couple of weeks has just reeked of desperation. Granted, this guy was never the brightest crayon in the box anyway, but sound bytes like this one just don’t play well.
Even to batsh*t, emotional Lefties.
When we allow this country to be defined along lines of race, ethnicity, and religion, the end of that road is the end of this idea of America. If at this moment we do not wake up to this threat, then we, as a country, will die in our sleep.

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And he tweeted this like it was a good one.
This would’ve only been better if Beto was wearing his ‘costume’.
Kimberley Strassel nailed him:

I'm still waiting for Beto to up his game -- which, in Beto's case, probably just means standing on taller furniture.

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Dude, we are so glad he stopped doing that. It was just gnarly.
Wow he is really messing this up for people who depend on identity politics as their source of power....dramatic irony is lost on him.
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It’s awesome.
And there it is.



  1. Beto seems to suffer from Full Spectrum Austinism. He mental derangement would qualify him as an enemy of the State in most civilized countries. He like most political operatives in the USA is most likely stealing millions of political campaign dollars. Grifters Grif.

  2. The left are the ones dividing our country using race, ethnicity, and religion. They constantly push this garbage, every day. It's sickening.