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Pimping for Walsh? WOW: The Bulwark’s publisher’s attempt to sway Trump voters to support Joe Walsh goes REALLY wrong

The Bulwark’s publisher, Sarah Longwell, took time out of her busy schedule of judging and trying to shame Conservatives and other members of the Right who aren’t willing to support a Democrat to dunk on Trump to write a ridiculous thread about why she suddenly supports Joe Walsh.
These people have zero shame.
Today Joe Walsh announced he’s going to primary President Trump for the GOP nomination. Walsh wasn’t on my radar in 2010, but if he had been I would have hated him. He was a canary in the coal mine for where the Republican Party was headed, which culminated in Trump’s election

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in 2016 and the full capitulation of the GOP that followed. I’ve worried for a long time that there might be no way back for the Republican Party or the conservative movement. Trump has laid bare a rot in the party that many didn’t see. I didn’t see. But it gives me some measure

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Raise your hand if you just rolled your eyes … a lot.
of hope to see @WalshFreedom stand up to challenge Trump. Because while I don’t think the things he’s said in the past can just be wiped away by an apology (by a long shot), he represents what a path forward is going to have to look like for many conservatives.

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And no.

There must be a moment when the spell breaks. The rationalizations stop. And there is a clear-eyed reckoning with who we’ve become and what has been tolerated. Joe Walsh has had such a reckoning. He’s apologized. Accepted responsibility for his words, his role electing Trump.

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THAT’S adorable.
And we have yet to see ol’ Joe accept responsibility for his actions during the primary and ultimately the 2016 election.
He has repudiated his past words and actions. And now he’s trying to do what he can to fight back. It might not be enough to undo the damage or forgive completely. But if he continues to demonstrate that his apologies are sincere, it seems like he is worthy of consideration.
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Repudiated is just a fancy word for saying he’s super sorry for being a total douche before but he wants everyone to ignore that so he can run for president.
And yeah, no.
Because what Joe Walsh is doing is what we hope every Trump supporter will do, right? Say that their support or even silent toleration of Trump’s racism, incompetence, and bullying was wrong and make an affirmative decision to refuse to allow it to go any further.
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This is not how you convince people, Sarah. Seriously.
I appreciate those who are willing to challenge this President, imperfect though they may be, because the fact is, very few have been willing to do so. Even those who know it’s necessary and the right thing to do.
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Because you know, she’s perfect.
Both @GovBillWeld and @WalshFreedom face overwhelming odds. But they deserve respect for being willing to stand up and take on President Trump directly. Joe Walsh will have to earn true forgiveness for his past words.
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Nope, sorry, respect is EARNED.
But I for one am willing to give him a chance to do that and not discount him out of hand. And running against Trump in the Republican primary is a pretty good way to demonstrate his conviction. http://JoeWalsh.org .
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Yeah … no.

And that’s what’s really going on here, folks.

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