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Playboy reporter Brian Karem takes a page from Jim Acosta in announcing filing of lawsuit against Trump admin for WH suspension

Before we get the ball rolling, it should be noted that the reporter who is the subject of this post, Brian Karem — Playboy’s White House journalist — seems to have already started muscling in on territory currently owned by a notorious CNN journo (but Karem’s tributes will continue later):
But first, as Twitchy told you a few days ago, Playboy Magazine promised that the White House’s temporary suspension of Karem would be met with a challenge in court, and Tuesday that process began. CNN’s Jim Acosta will appreciate the “Enemy of the People” shoutout from Karem:

Here is a thread and link to my statement about the federal lawsuit we just filed against @realDonaldTrump and @PressSec on behalf @Playboy White House Correspondent @BrianKarem seeking immediate restoration of his hard pass. https://www.gibsondunn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/08-20-19-Statement-of-Ted-Boutrous.pdf  1/3

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The lawsuit was good enough for a retweet from Acosta:
But anyway, more about that lawsuit:
Breaking: Reporter @BrianKarem sues White House over 30-day suspension of his credentials following July 11th verbal confrontation with @SebGorka. Statement from Karem’s attorney @BoutrousTed:
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In case you missed it, Karem did his best to spin himself as the victim after the July incident in the White House Rose Garden. The Trump White House responded:
Just in: Statement from @PressSec: "I stand by my decision to temporarily suspend Mr. Karem’s hard pass for 30 days due to his behavior at a Rose Garden event. The purpose of a hard pass is to provide access to the White House so members of the press can report and ask....
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...questions of officials who are taking questions. Mr. Karem did not use the access granted to him for journalistic purposes - in fact, the President had left the event. Instead, he used his press pass to insult invited guests and make comments that...
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...threatened to escalate into a physical confrontation to the point that the Secret Service intervened." End.
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Time will tell where this all goes:

That seems pretty clear at this point.

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