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Please vote for Bernie so this poor man can own a home, start a family, and live debt-free, thanks

Apparently, the #MyBernieStory hashtag is a thing and we suspect it’s meant to make you feel sympathy for these Bernie Sanders supporters who are stuck under mountains of student debt. In short, if you don’t vote for Sanders in 2020, David here doesn’t get to have kids.
When I graduated in 2011, I owed $137,000 in student loans.

Today I have $175,000 even as I continue making monthly payments. I will never own a home, start a family, or live debt-free. @BernieSanders is the only person running who will cancel ALL student debt.
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First of all … never post a picture of yourself on the Internet holding a sign; that’s why Photoshop was invented. Second, if your true goal is to pay off the student loans you took out, don’t start your Twitter bio with “activist” and include that you’re “in solidarity with oppressed people around the world.” Those oppressed people truly are oppressed and don’t give a damn about your student loan payments.
I hate misleading bullsh*t like this. You obv deferred your loans for a time, allowing interest to accrue. If you had started paying off your loans right away, there's no mathematical way you would owe more now. Nobody forced you to take a loan. Nobody forced you to defer them.
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It absolutely is about the lack of personal responsibility. There are many ways to get the same education at much less than $130K in debt, the most cost effective of which is about $23.75 in late fees at your public library.
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You didn't know a Master's degree in Sociology doesn't have many jobs except teaching beforehand? You should have paid attention. And also gone to an in-state school like most of us do.
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Sucks being you. It's all about decisions. And personal responsibility. I chose not to go to college. Do I get $175k, also?
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Judging by your handwriting, I'm guessing you should have gotten into a trade. I'm a skilled welder and make great money.
I had the option to go to school but did my research and chose not to take on the debt. Eight years of labor and on the job training got me here today.
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That was a choice and a bad one. Why should you have a degree that cost over $100k and I made good choices and did not owe anything when I graduated with a bachelors and masters?? Or how about those who didn’t want a loan and went straight into the workplace? Entitled much?
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What makes you think Bernie could or would pay your debt? Congress would have to approve it, no chance of that. I’ve got debt too, a mortgage. Like you, I voluntarily took it on. I don’t expect anyone to pay it for me, it’s my responsibility, as your debt is your responsibility.
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Why did you choose to spend $40k/year at The New School for a masters in Sociology, when you could have attained the same degree from @CUNY for $10-$15k/year? I took on debt, but based it on an estimated ROI. The median wage for Sociologists is ~$75k, and you borrowed $137,000?!
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That's YOUR problem. You agreed to it. Why should those of us who are financially prudent pay for your education? What's next? Do you want Bernie and his magical money machine to forgive your credit card debt too?
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I’m more than willing to help MY child with any college debt she may have. You are NOT my responsibility...you’re on your own. Get a job and work out a budget. See a financial counselor but don’t expect me to cover your debt.
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So he’s buying your vote. And that’s what you are looking for in our next President, a bribe offer.
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A real college class would have taught you that if you are not paying more than the interest on your loan, you will never pay off that loan. That extra $38,000 is from your own stupidity in choosing the wrong repayment option.
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Why didn't you go to a school you could afford - I chose a state school and worked 35 hrs a week when I was in school. I paid my own debts and got a job that pays well. Why? because I worked and struggled for it.
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You need to get more creative in your approach to earning money. You can earn your way out of that debt over the next 10 years if you apply yourself and stop whining. Stop expecting every other hard-working person to pay off your bad decisions.
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Dude, that $137k is basically a townhome or very small house. You could pay that off. Many people do. It doesn't take a financial wizard to make a budget that works. Stop expecting other people to pay for your loans. πŸ™„
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Bernie retweeted this but they vote on interest rates every year and haven’t done anything to try and lower them
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  1. Bernie was a fool to take that sports car payoff for bowing to the nomination loser Shillary. Nothing more ridiculous than an 80 year old man driving a pu$$y catcher.