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POLICE STATE NATION: Pentagon Is Testing Mass Surveillance Balloons In U.S. States

CNN analyst and Playboy reporter Brian Karem swore at President Trump at a White House Rose Garden event in July.

This was just before the now viral video-taped confrontation with former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka in which Karem challenged Gorka to a fight. 
Gorka and another witness said they heard Karem swear at Trump.
In addition to cursing the President, Karem threatened, heckled and insulted Trump’s guests in the Rose Garden.

CNN analyst and Playboy reporter Brian Karem yells at legal immigrant Sebastian Gorka to “Go home!” at White House Rose Garden event, July 11, photo via Getty Images.
Trump held a press event with Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in the Rose Garden for an announcement regarding gathering citizenship information for the 2020 census.
In attendance were guests of the President who had been invited to his social media summit held earlier Thursday.
According to Gorka, who attended the social media summit as an invited guest, Karem called Trump “that f*cking moron” after the President ignored Karem bellowing if he would take questions from the press. It was that profane outburst, spoken in a low voice by Karem not heard on the videos but loud enough to be heard by the social media summit guests, that led to the back and forth between Gorka and Karem caught on video. 
Karem’s fellow reporters who were within earshot of Karem, failed to report his cursing President Trump.

Social media summit guest Ryan Fournier reported that Karem swearing at Trump provoked the confrontation, “When President Trump didn’t respond to Brian Karem yelling questions at him, he said profanities under his breath towards POTUS. He was called out and then said we were all “eager for demonic possession” – total nut job!” 

On Friday Brian Karem said he lost his White House press pass for 30 days after his profane outburst in the Rose Garden. 

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  1. Yep.
    Stole the idea from the Japananese. Built four to carry 'aircraft carriers' across the sea in WW1
    The Japanese government built heaps of them to invade America during the 40's.....even crashed a big one containing underslung bombers, at Roswell.
    You people are being 'brain-fogged' on a daily basis. You cannot smell it, cannot taste it, cannot see it, and cannot hear it coming, but it IS there on a daily basis.