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Ron Perlman dials up the drama after Twitter temporarily suspends him for this totally innocuous ‘tweet referencing the Koch brothers’

Poor Ron Perlman can’t catch a break. It’s like his stunning bravery is all for naught. He didn’t have a parade thrown in his honor after revealing that he’d peed on his own hand before shaking Harvey Weinstein’s. Can you believe it?
And then yesterday, he informed his Twitter followers that he’d been punished with a 12-hour suspension over a tweet referencing the Koch brothers:
Yesterday Twitter slapped me with a 12-hour ban for a tweet referencing the Koch brothers. The day that we are silenced for calling out fascism, for pointing a finger at those who would rape and pillage the very air we breathe, may God help us! @twitter https://youtu.be/JEmI_FT4YHU 
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For the record, this was Perlman’s “tweet referencing the Koch brothers”:

Ron was just trying to call out fascism, you guys.
Ron Perlman, you didn’t call out fascism, you called for the death of a fellow American to solve your political differences. YOU ARE THE FASCIST.
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Ron, you managed to simultaneously celebrate a guy dying and express the hope his brother died soon also in one tweet.

Don't use euphemisms to describe what you did.
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You publicly wished death on someone the day their family member passed away. You complain about hate speech and how it’s detrimental to society...and then turn around and spit out poison at a most the inappropriate time. But you keep think your morally superior of us, bud. 👍🏻
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