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S-M-R-T: Paul Krugman dons his dunce cap in pathetic thread attempting to paint the Tea Party as a ‘racist movement’

Oh, God.
Are we still pretending Paul Krugman actually has anything worthwhile to tweet about? Not really, but there’s plenty to make fun of.
Like this gem about the Tea Party.
From The New York Times:
One significant limitation to the Tea Party is the contradiction in its DNA: It was a mass uprising based on notions of small-government libertarianism that are popular with think tanks but not so popular with most Americans. And as Mr. Obama’s allies saw the movement, its outrage over the debt and deficit had another purpose: giving cover and a voice to those who wanted to attack the first black president — people who in some cases showed up at rallies waving signs with racist caricatures and references.
This is a hot dumpster of stupid.
No wonder Krugman shared it.
Academic research … HA HA HA HA HA

Gosh, if that book says so.
*eye roll*
And any notion that the Tea Party failed in its objectives is nonsense. It was all about racial animosity; and now they have a president who legitimizes and feeds that animosity. They don't care about deficits, and never did 3/
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Racial animosity?
Imagine being this bitter over a movement that hasn’t really existed in several years now. He really cannot accept people just don’t like or agree with his ideas so he paints them as racists or bigots or some other horrible stereotype so he can write them off. It’s actually pretty weak when you think about it.
Krugman continues his uninterrupted streak of being wrong. Going on about 10 straight years now. Impressive
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The was absolutely about reducing the size of government and getting it out of our daily lives. To paint it as anything else is a lie that tiny people like you propagate in order to denigrate a movement against the accumulation of power in the Federal goverment.
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Short, simple, and to the point.
Paul....you should stay off the internet since you said it was going to be a failure.
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Well, of course, it was going to be a failure … Al Gore invented it and stuff.
The tea party had nothing to do with race. I met many black people at the rallies who were conservative.
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Ding ding ding.
Why mess with a streak, right?

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