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Son, you just got SCHOOLED! @AG_Conservative ‘educates’ Dicky Durbin on supposed loopholes and it just takes 1 tweet

Imagine if gun control hacks like Senator Dick Durbin actually had any idea about guns, the law, or the ridiculous things they make claims about. We get it, the Left has an agenda and a specific narrative to push about guns but still, this is just not true.
Each year 100,000 felons and other ineligible buyers are stopped from buying guns by background checks. But they can turn to gun shows and the internet to avoid our laws. Congress must close these loopholes once and for all.

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Awww yes, those skeeeeery LOOPHOLES.
And background checks are the magical solution y’all!
Senator Mitch McConnell now promises to stop blocking gun safety reform and to start the debate when we return in September. It’s time for all Senators to go on the record on background checks, banning assault weapons, and stopping hate crimes & domestic terrorism.

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There is just so much pandering going on here, we’ve lost track.
It would be impressive it if weren’t so damn annoying.
No, no they don't. There is no loophole there. There are, however, a number of gangs, and various mafia types where one can get whatever they want, if they have the cash. Or, they can just wait for another holder-type ATF op.

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Yikes, that long? And he’s not exactly gotten a lot done during his time in office.
I see you’re ’ again, you Dick. Last gun show I went to had a background checking station that even many private sellers used. I’ve ordered over the Internet… it ships only to a local FFL holder who does a BGC. Stop lying.
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The bureau of justice statistics says that fewer than 1% of guns used in crime were purchased at gun shows.

Over 70% get their guns via straw purchase.

The gun show loophole is a lie told by desperate liars like yourself.
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@AG_Conservative stepped up and educated the good senator on the lies he spewed …

Nailed it.

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