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Speaker Nancy Pelosi certain Bill Clinton’s ‘hateful, bigoted’ public charge rule will be overturned

You know as well as we do by now that “white supremacy” is the new “Russian collusion,” and Democrats and the media (same thing) are portraying the public charge rule, which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996 after enjoying bipartisan support, as bigoted and racist.
Does she even read what she tweets? (Probably not; a staffer probably writes these.) But America’s proud heritage as a beacon of opportunity is exactly why we’d encourage immigrants who wouldn’t grow to rely on government assistance but instead take advantage of their new opportunities.
And as far as the public charge rule being swiftly challenged in the courts? It’s been on the books for decades.
Hateful? Bigoted? Sorry crazy lady, but it only makes sense that people coming here are self sufficient. @THEJohnSavin

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Someone had to be the adult. You only want to steal and trespass on American taxpayers.

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Do you ever think about the American People? We are tired of paying our taxes towards everyone else. They do need to be self sufficient. My grandparents came here & never had a hand out. What happened to people wanting to work & learning the language?

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Learning the language? That sounds racist … somehow.
My parents had to prove their financial independence, why shouldn't other legal immigrants?

This is a @BillClinton rule that had bipartisan support.

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I was unaware Americans were required to indefinitely financially support immigrants. America is the land of opportunity. There is no law preventing any human being from the American Dream. Social services shouldn’t be used as a way of life. Living off the gov. is no life to live

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How does "you must be able to support yourself to come here" equal "demonize and terrorize"? I'm open to all explanations, I just don't get it.

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And yes, there are exceptions for refugees and asylum seekers.
This great rule is a direct love for our nation’s proud heritage as a beacon of hope and opportunity for all that come here legally and a clear attempt to let the newcomers know what makes America great. It will be swiftly be granted by the courts.
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It's a fabulous rule. All the other countries in the world can be for free-loaders. The USA is meant for hard-working, freedom-loving, independent men and women.
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The most common reason for rejection at Ellis Island was the person “would become a ward of the state.” America offers opportunity. We are the most generous country. Our generosity does not mean we take in all poor people . A country is different than a charity organization
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Remember when we took in Fidel Castro’s refugees he’d released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities? That was nice of us, but we could do better.
it was this way for generations old girl. No reason why we can't enforce the policy again. Our social services are there for AMERICAN CITIZENS and especially NOT for ILLEGAL ALIENS!
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Public Charge Rule-Prevents immigrants from coming to US that intend to depend on American tax payer, rather than becoming self sufficient. It is a common sense policy that protects the American tax payer. @realDonaldTrump cares about the American tax payer. Why don’t
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Asked under previous administration. Why do we have rules and laws that we dont enforce?
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There was no welfare state when Statue of Liberty was erected. So, maybe we should go back to that time. .
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You like that word ‘assault’, last tweet had it as well.

Btw- nothing bigoted about self sufficiency, we should all be striving for it.
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No it isn't. New immigrants and temporary residents must prove they will be self supportive on arrival. This has been the case in the past, such as when my parents arrived in 1960, and should remain policy.

Approved asylum cases are the exception, but even they are encouraged
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Democrats don’t want us to be a nation of opportunity, but instead be a nation of handouts and welfare.
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The next election will be between a candidate that looks out for Americans first, and a candidate that looks out for immigrants, mostly illegal, first......a very clear choice!
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  1. Nice to see that Bill Clinton, a reputed pedophile, is now fair game for democrat attack.